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It’s summer. You are in Varna. You want to run away from the city for the weekend or you came in the city without any plans. You don’t have to worry here we have got for you 2 destinations suitable for people with different characters. From people who can party all night who doesn’t go to their hotel room the whole journey to people who want to chill on the beach with a book without being disturbed.  


Tips for drivers

You don’t need to be a mechanic to handle with the following car issues. There are proven methods that helping the car drivers to fix them for no time.

Headlights clean up

There is very efficient method for cleaning up the headlights. All you need to make them as brand new is a toothpaste and a soft cloth.


Exhaust Air Jack

In the beginning the air jacks were used by extreme off-roaders. Cars stuck in snow, mud, sand or any other surface can be rescued by using an exhaust air jack rather than waiting for assistance.

This invention is pretty helpful and very easy to use. It basically uses the air from your exhaust to inflate a big bubble that is strong enough to hold up your car. This will take less than a minute. Once it lifts your car high enough you just need to turn off your engine and change your tire. The bubble will stay inflated for hours (so don’t worry about that). When you finish just release the valve, flatten it out and continue driving.

The bottom of the automotive gadget’s balloonlike sack is protected from sharp stones, sticks or whatever debris may lurk under your car by a PVC coating. Manufacturers say there’s no danger of pressure buildup in the engine because it takes very little pressure to lift the car.

Source: onemoregadget.com


How to spend your free time during the weekend

No matter how cool is your job and business stuff, everybody is waiting for the end of the working week. This is the time for us to escape from all job thoughts and just relax. But how to spend your free time during the weekend and feel happy about it. For some people the job is stressful and emotional, for others is long and exhausting. These people certainly need relaxation and complete separation from all thoughts about work.

Here is what we advice you to do during your two days off (Saturday and Sunday). Of course not everyone is privileged to have two days off we’ll try to help them as well 😉

First of all you need a healthy sleep – at least 8 hours. Good sleep always helps for the good mood and energy on the next day.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast – prepare your favorite meal. If it doesn’t make you smile and your mood is not good enough, a cloudless blue sky and summer sun would certainly help. After such start of the day you just have to prepare your beach bag and go to the beach with friends. If you have managed to organize more quickly and have a plan for a more far distanced beach, you have to think about transportation. CarsVarna affordable cars from different car classes according to your needs.

The crew is essential requirement for good mood and fun. Once you step on the beach, you will realize that you’re day off. Time stops when it’s all good. Sea, sand, beach bar and good friends, nothing else is needed.

The best beaches around Varna

  • Bolata
  • Shkorpilovtsi
  • Krapets
  • Karadere

Refreshing drinks and cocktails for the summer

  • fresh
  • Ice Tea
  • Lemonade
  • Mojito

Follow our blog to learn more awesome ideas how to spend your weekend.


Book Opel Zafira in July

You’ve already booked a hotel in Varna for your family summer vacation, but you haven’t booked a family car for it. Our offer for you is Opel Zafira. It is great opportunity to travel together up to 7 passengers. Don’t waste your time and book it now for the prices of 25 euro/day for a period of 7 days or more.


Lowest price guaranteed

CarsVarna is the latest brand for cheap car rental services in Varna region. In short time the company has become a leader in the cheap car rental services. Thanks to the good customer services and the perfectly maintained car fleet, we continue to grow rapidly, so that we can offer the lowest prices combined with the best customer service warrantee.

From 1st November we are launching our new campaign – “Lowest price guarantee!”, which guarantee that our car rental prices are the lowest in Varna and the region.
CarsVarna.com will provide you with a car rental, tailored to your needs at the lowest price in the region! Prove that there is lower than our price and we will beat it!
Please send complete information to e-mail: office@carsvarna.com



Observe the distance from the car ahead and always use a seat belt, including the back seats. Use “hands free” when you talk on your mobile phone. Avoid holes and bumps in the road.

Park only in designated areas. Do not park in dark and unlit places, so the car can be subject to theft. Children under the age of 12 may not travel in the front seat. Driving after consuming alcohol and drugs is strictly forbidden and punishable by law.

Headlights must be always on from 1 November until 1 March.



CARSVARNA is registered trademark, part of Top Rent A Car Bulgaria – the leading national car rental company. Our mission is to provide cheap car rental service with the guaranteed high quality of Top Rent A Car’s customer service!

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