How to spend your free time during the weekend

No matter how cool is your job and business stuff, everybody is waiting for the end of the working week. This is the time for us to escape from all job thoughts and just relax. But how to spend your free time during the weekend and feel happy about it. For some people the job is stressful and emotional, for others is long and exhausting. These people certainly need relaxation and complete separation from all thoughts about work.

Here is what we advice you to do during your two days off (Saturday and Sunday). Of course not everyone is privileged to have two days off we’ll try to help them as well 😉

First of all you need a healthy sleep – at least 8 hours. Good sleep always helps for the good mood and energy on the next day.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast – prepare your favorite meal. If it doesn’t make you smile and your mood is not good enough, a cloudless blue sky and summer sun would certainly help. After such start of the day you just have to prepare your beach bag and go to the beach with friends. If you have managed to organize more quickly and have a plan for a more far distanced beach, you have to think about transportation. CarsVarna affordable cars from different car classes according to your needs.

The crew is essential requirement for good mood and fun. Once you step on the beach, you will realize that you’re day off. Time stops when it’s all good. Sea, sand, beach bar and good friends, nothing else is needed.

The best beaches around Varna

  • Bolata
  • Shkorpilovtsi
  • Krapets
  • Karadere

Refreshing drinks and cocktails for the summer

  • fresh
  • Ice Tea
  • Lemonade
  • Mojito

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