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Travel guide with car rental in Madara

General Information about Madara

Madara is a major landmark and part of the Hundred National Tourist Sites of Bulgaria. The National Historical and Archaeological Reserve is located 17 km from the town of Shumen and 75 km from Varna by car hire. The location is visited every year by thousands of people from around the world. There you can find cave temples, castles, churches, and many others.

The rocky terrain near the village of Madara is the only one of its kind in Europe (it is in the list of UNESCO as a monument of world significance) and was named Global symbol of Bulgaria. You can find dozens of monuments and antiquities from all centuries (primitive people, Thracians, Romans, Slavs, Bulgarians, Turks, etc.). The name of “Madara” means – sacred rock, and also sacred place.

Sightseeing around Madara

Villa Rustica

The most notable monument is the Roman villa (Villa rustica) existed between II and IV century. It is an impressive complex of buildings.

The Madara Rider

Madara Rider is unique rock relief, which depicts life-size horseman with a spear in his hand. In the horse’s feet are seen prostrate lion, and behind the rider depicted his hunting dog. This image is carved on a cliff 23 m high. According to one legend a Latin King hunted on the plateau, but fell off the cliff and died. His family decided to immortalize his death by this masterpiece cut into the rock.

Medieval fortress

It was created in the IV century, and was located on the Madara Plateau.

Rocky monastery

One of the biggest rocky monastery in Bulgaria was build in ХІV century.

Archaeological museum – Madara

Into the Madara Reserve you can find an Archaeological museum which includes 350 authentic artifacts from the region of Madara.


An hour away from Madara is located Varna, the sea capital of Bulgaria and major economic and cultural center. There are many sightseeing around Varna such as the Marine Park, the Dolphinarium, the Cathedral, the Sea Garden, the Historical Museum, Varna necropolis, shopping centers and more.

Hotels around Madara

The best hotels around Madara, according to Booking.com:

Кола под наем в Мадара

If you plan to visit Madara and have not yet booked your car, you can do so by using our reservations form. If you are traveling from Varna, CARSVARNA has office on Tsar Osvoboditel 17 A, or from the airport, where you can pick up your car on the spot. Madara is the perfect destination for a day trip from Varna.

Source: Bulgariatravel.org


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