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Travel with car rental in Obzor

General information about Obzor

Obzor is a seaside village, located in Southeast Bulgaria, next to Nesebar. The town is older than 3000 years – first are thracians making their own village, and in the 1st millenium B.C greek settlers called the town with name Helipopolis, which means sunny town. At the Roman times the city is renamed as Teopolis (City of God), and later the ottomans renamed it to Gyozeken (Obzor in Turkish). The present name of the city was given in 1936. Obzor is near Varna and Burgas, which makes it easy to rent a car from Varna or Burgas, or with direct delivery to your hotel.Beach in ObzorThere are a lot of small family hotels, comfortable guest houses and a high quality sea hotels. The resort is popular because of its geographic features – the clear Black Sea which borders with a forest freshness of the mountain, and a river Dvoinitsa gave the additional charm of the area. The region has useful herbs and wild forest fruits.
Obzor is small but very interesting sea town, which has kept an authentic historical past of a few civilazations and perfectly meets the requirements of tourists for excellent service

Tourist sighteseeing around Obzor


Cape Emine

It is the most eastern point of Stara planina, and is one of the most interesting facilities of the area. The cape provides a great sea view. The sea around is shallow, and there can be seen many jutting rocks that are avoided by sailorsespecially in bad weather. But the place is very picturesque and attractive for visitors because of its beautiful landforms and sea landscape. To the north is seen Cape Galata. On the basis of an ancient fortress called Emona are built meteorological station and a lighthouse.

The beach IrakliReserve Kamchia

The estuary of Kamchia river flows into the sea, and long the shores grow dense longose forests. They are extremely rare phenomenon in temperate latitudes. The forests are so dense wet and difficult to pass that resemble the jungle. The area is unique because of impressive landscapes, which provide sea view, beautiful deep river and green forest. Except the dense plants the area has a rich animal world – there over 25 species in the river, about 200 species birds, 56 of them are endangered.


Nessebar is known since ancient times, famous with its old name Mesembria. It was established in V century B.C.
The ruins of the ancient city are in the beautiful Burgas bay. It is a great opportunity for a tourist walks.


Irakli is protected area, on the sea coast. It is famous, because is not urbanizes. There are wonderful sandy beaches and a crystal water. It is preferred by those, looking for a quiet vacation on the beach.


Varna is located only 30 minutes away by rental car from Obzor. It is the sea capital of the country and is economic and cultural centre. In Varna and around, there are a lot of attractions: Sea Garden, Dolphinarium, The Cathedral, Historical museum, Necropolis of Varna, shopping centres and others.

Hotels in Obzor

The best hotels in Obzor, according to Trip Advisor: 

– club hotel Miramar
– hotel Riu Helios Bay
– hotel Sol Luna Bay
– Obzor Beach resort
Car hire in ObzorIf you plan to visit Obzor and have not yet booked your car, you can do so by using our reservation form. If you are traveling from Varna, CARSVARNA has office on Tsar Osvoboditel 17 A, or from the airport, where you can pick up your car on the spot. Obzor is the perfect destination for a day trip from Varna.


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