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Travel with a car rental in Varna

General information about Varna – The sea Capital of Bulgaria


Varna is the largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and third largest in the country. Also called “The sea capital” of Bulgaria, the town is the starting point for many resorts along the northern coast.

Varna is one of the great cultural centers of the country – the host of numerous events and festivals – “Varna Summer”, “Love is Folly”, “Golden Dolphin” and many more. In the city is situated one of the greatest archaeological museums in the country which holds an enviable by the size collection of artifacts and antiquities. The City’s nearest tourist destination is Konstantin and Helena resort, just 10 km north from Varna.

The town’s history begins in the 6th century BC when Odessos fortress was founded, which is also the ancient name of Varna. In the 7th century Han Asparuh conquered Odessos and stayed in the palace acropolis. Over the years the city became a cultural and commercial center, but in 1389 the town fell under Turkish slavery. After the liberation Varna grew again, attracting many immigrants and refugees from neighboring countries. The city opened economic, medical, technical and military universities.

In 2007 and 2008 the city won the prize “Best City to Live in Bulgaria”, and the numerous cultural and historical sites attract a huge flow of foreign tourists. In the city, one can visit Dolphinarium, the Aquarium, the Varna necropolis, the area Evksinograd, The Observatory, park Golden Sands, as well as numerous theaters, galleries, cinemas, museums and festivals.

Tourist sightseeing and attractions in Varna

Varna offers many different kinds of entertainments, such as:

– Water sports (water ski, jets, surfing)
– Race track – Internet clubs – Night clubs
– Sport facilities – volleyball, football, tennis and basketball courts.
– Hot mineral springs flowing directly into the sea – This healing combination of hot mineral and cold sea water is recommended for treatments of many illnesses. People use this natural pool during the whole year, even in the winter.
– Mall shopping centers

The city has all the necessary facilities, like Post office, Police station, Health center, pharmacy, gas stations, many shops, and supermarkets.

The Sea Garden

The Sea Garden is a wonderful green place, which is located on the area next to the sea. It is long and is perfect for a walks or sports. In addition there are located a lot of restaurants, clubs, pubs and a different entertainments for example kids place, terrains for practicing sports like football and tennis. You could also visit the zoo, which is located in the Sea Garden too. It has a lot of different species surrounded by nature.

The Church Cathedral

The Cathedral is one of the biggest in Bulgaria. It is  located in the heart of the city. It has a beautiful architecture and murals. It was built in the 1886.

The Dolphinarium

It is located in the beautiful area near the sea, named “The Sea Garden”. There are very interesting spectacles with this friendly mammals. Near the Dolphinarium there are a restaurants with wonderful sea view.

Aladja Monastery

The monastery is carved into the rock and has over 20 rooms. It was created in 12th – 13th century. It is a national historical monument.

Botanic garden

It is located 40 km away from Varna, in the town of Balchik. The Botanic garden is the first eco park in Bulgaria owned by the Sofia University. There are more then 300 species of exotic trees and bushes, and over 100 species of herbaceous plants. Botanical Garden is also known for its rich collection of irises, which are more than 250 varieties and over 30 varieties of roses.

Hotels in Varna

The best hotels in Varna, according to Trip Advisor: 

– Modus Hotel
– Graffit Gallery Hotel
– Grand Hotel London
– Splendid Boutique Hotel
– Hi Hotel
– Grand Hotel Dimyat
– Best Western Hotel
– Capitol Hotel

Car hire in Varna

If you plan to visit Varna and have not yet booked your car, you can do so by using our reservations form. If you are traveling to Varna, CARSVARNA has office on Tsar Osvoboditel 17A, or from the airport, where you can pick up your car on the spot. Varna is the perfect destination for a day trip.

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Travel with a car rental in Varna
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