Observe the distance from the car ahead and always use a seat belt, including the back seats. Use “hands free” when you talk on your mobile phone. Avoid holes and bumps in the road.

Park only in designated areas. Do not park in dark and unlit places, so the car can be subject to theft. Children under the age of 12 may not travel in the front seat. Driving after consuming alcohol and drugs is strictly forbidden and punishable by law.

Headlights must be always on from 1 November until 1 March.

We advice owr customers to drive with turned on daylights during the day, all year long.

In case of a car accident, theft, damage, or whatever accident, please contact us and the police to issue a protocol needed from the insurance company.

Speed limits in Bulgaria

50 km/h in built-up areas
90 km/h on roads outside built-up areas
130 km/h on highways

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